[News] Shinhwa Broadcast, JunJin panics after making Lee Jung Yong’s son Maeum cry during filming

Shinhwa recently went to Mideum and Maeum’s house for the homemade cooking showdown. Mideum and Maeum who had appeared in Shinhwa Broadcast-Kids Channel said “We missed you”.

They also expressed that they missed Kim Dong Wan, which Mideum called as father and showed concern for Shin Hye Sung who was on crutches last year due to his injured leg.

But during the filming, Maeum, who was following JunJin around, showing him infinite love, burst into tears because of something unexpected that JunJin said, making JunJin panicking and hugged him and apologised. Even so, Maeum could not stop crying. The members who were watching were also at a loss.

source: osen


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