[News] The day when Shinhwa is having a concert, fans are also having a mini concert?

Formed by fans, dance team D.U.R will be reproducing 12 songs from Shinhwa’s 1st to 10th album!

Coming 17th March, a number of Shinhwa fans will be dancing at the concert venue.

Dance team D.U.R is formed in order to commemorate Shinhwa’s 15th Anniversary. D.U.R stands for Do you remember? which has the same meaning as “Do you remember? (기억나니?)” that was recorded in Shinhwa’s 9th album.

They will be peforming 12 songs in total, starting from Shinhwa’s debut song “Haegyulsa”. Revisiting the activities Shinhwa had over the past 15 years, evoking fans memories, these match the team’s name D.U.R(Do you remember).

One of the representative said “The dance steps and formations are almost similar to Shinhwa’s. While waiting for the start of the concert, we hope to revisit the memories and to appreciate Shinhwa’s songs.” She continued “We prepared with enthusiasm, we hope that the members will watch them after the concert ended.” (http://youtu.be/HVKGjmiSTKU)

From the fans’ concert, the 15 years relationship between Shinhwa and fans can be felt. Fans have created a lot of new cultures in this period of time. Especially during the concert in Aug 2007, the rice wreath support for Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung’s solo concert has became a culture. Recently, 1130 trees planted at “Shinhwa forest” in Gangnam is also about to be completed.

On the other hand, the dance team formed by Shinhwa fans will be performing for half an hour in front of Olympic Stadium at 2pm on the 17th.


source: ohmynews

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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