[News] Reply 1998 Shinhwa’s comeback “Oppas are back”



Shinhwa is back.

Korea’s only “Longevity idol group” Shinhwa, kick start with Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert, officially starting their 11th album activities.

Debuting in 1998 with Haegyulsa, Shinhwa is the second male group after H.O.T which the entertainment agency was producing, hence receiving attentions from many. However, they did not have much success as anticipated, then after they followed with with a bouncy song (Eusha Eusha), but because of flood and IMF, they had to end their activities earlier than expected.  They finally succeed with the song T.O.P from their second album, letting people know who Shinhwa is. They subsequently release a series of hit albums and has established themselves as a popular male group.

Shinhwa’s contract with SM entertainment expired in 2003 after releasing 6 full-length albums. This garned public’s attention with people guessing if they would follow the steps of H.O.T, and with guesses like certain members would remain with SM etc. But Shinhwa chose a different path, the 6 members all moved together to another agency. Rather than personal interest, they preferred to protect the name “Shinhwa”. Releasing the first album “Brand New” after leaving SM’s nest, winning their first daesang award, Shinhwa welcomed their second heyday.

After actively promoting for a period of time, Shinhwa had to temporarily leave the showbiz due to military service. THe first member to be enlisted was Eric, followed by Kim Dong Wan, JunJin, Andy and Lee Min WOo. The members held their 10th Anniversary concert before enlisting, promising fans with “We will be back”. 4 years later in 2012, they made a spectacular comeback with their 10th album. Following, they started their variety show “Shinhwa Broadcast” which is named after them, and members individually started activities with dramas, solo albums, displaying their strong presence.

Shinhwa debut in the era where the average idol “life expectancy” is about 5 years. They have gone through 15 years without having a member change. Because of this, Shinhwa has already become the role model and inspiration of many junior idol groups. In regards to questions why Shinhwa is able to be active for so long, Eric replied “Even we might be doing solo activities, Shinhwa is still the root. Hence, if there is anything related to Shinhwa, we will drop all our other stuff and focus on the group’s activities.” Teamwork and loyalty might be the few reasons why they can be active and loved by many for so long.

In the midst of memories and prevalent of retro, Shinhwa, who have made the hearts of girls in the 90s to flutter, is coming back with their 11th album.

With their 15 years of strong friendship, we will be anticipating to continue seeing their active promotions in different fields.


source: hanooki

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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