[Dongwan Naver Blog] Liveworks

Shinhwa album jacket design, Liveworks Shincom homepage maintanence and management — Park Jeong Ae Representative <Liveworks>

Shinhwa cfs, Asia tour business, jacket shooting, mv shooting — Lee Yoon Jong Director <Liveworks>

Shinhwa albums(from 7th album~now), Minwoo M album music collection and directing — Jang Bong Gu <Liveworks>

Shinhwa, Shincom media relations and business, marketing — Jeong Eun Jin <Liveworks>

Shinhwa follow cam, video production, behind the scene video footage editing — Oh Han Na <Liveworks>

Shinhwa concerts, album director producer — Lee Jang Eon <Liveworks>

Without Liveworks, would Shinhwa activites still go as planned?… ^_^

P.S. Overlooked that many Shinhwa fans are watching(reading)…ㅎ
Left (this) message for Polaris after reading what was written.
Sorry to those who are angry with liveworks…ㅜㅜ
Liveworks, myself, we will try harder ~^^

source: dongwan naver blog

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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