[Tree Planet Naver Blog] Fans’ eternal gift – Shinhwa Forest


What is the best gift to express eternal love!?
Most of the gifts seem to be forgotten over timeㅠㅠ
A gift that become more significant as time passes?
And able to become an eternal gift?


Shinhwa forest google map 

Fans’ eternal gift at Seoul City Park, Shinhwa Forest will be meeting everyone!


Shinhwa Forest is donated by fans to commemorate Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary~IMG_1765

Shinhwa forest in progress at Dalteo Park!
Raising a huge amount in a short period of time, Shinhwa Changjo, you are so great!
The forest which is filled with Shinhwa Changjo’s kind heartedness and love towards Shinhwa is currently under construction!


The forest with fans’ love is born.
This forest provides fresh air and beautiful environment for many people.
And many people will remember Shinhwa and filled with thankfulness when they see the forest, right? 🙂


The beauty of the woods cant be taken away. The beautiful forest that makes one feel happy even just by looking!


The forest is the best gift you can gift to your loved ones.
Planting dozens of trees once can provide a clean environment for people to live in for hundreds of years, the indispensable forest!
Is there any better gift than this?

Plant For All
Come to Tree Planet and plant a tree!

source:  Tree Planet Naver Blog

cr: allaboutshinhwa

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