[Dongwan Naver Blog] First day of spring snowfall holidays

Long awaited vacation. Firstly I came out. The neighbourhood became quiet because of heavy snow…


Quiet neighbourhood…


Exercising is the best when theres nothing to do!!!


Came to Sinsa station to eat cheonggukjang…
The kimchi radish cubes today is exceptionally delicious…
Although it has become sour, it still has the crunchy sticky texture~!!
Sinsa station’s Jeonju cheonggukjang is always delicious!!


Since I am already out, I shouldnt go home that quickly, hence I went to the bookstore…
Despite it being peak hours, no one is around me because of the cheonggukjang smell on my jacket~
Oho This is a good method~Killing two birds with 1 stone!


Reporter Lee Hye Rin has a new book~Already published many books~
Amusing stories about female reporter~


Theres a store selling organic items in front of my house, bought many unneccesary food…

I torn the popcorn bag, and do not have any choice and had to use vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night… Sorry to the neighbours below…

I have to try the Germany chocolate tomorrow!


Went to Jongno and suddenly thought of the Old Love recorded during December….ㅋ

source: dongwan naver blog

cr: allaboutshinhwa

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