[Project] Andy and Eric Birthday Book


For International Fans: We will make 1 section special for all of you. If 1 country has more than 10 letters, we will make new section with your country name ^^

Dear all Shinhwa Changjo,

Like what you all know, January and February are special months? Guess why? January and February are birth month for maknae Andy and leader Eric… Aaannndd we’ll do a project Birthday book again for them (we made this kind of project before for Wansyung.. If you don’t know about it, do check HERE… JFYI, our package contains book and presents has arrived in LiveWork at December 24th, 2012


How to participate?? (we hv to apologize to Hyesung for using his real name and ugliest picture as the example :p)

Letter for RICDY
Write letter contains birthday wishes for Andy and Eric in a piece of paper (u can write it back to back). NOTE: Letter must be addressed to Andy AND Eric.. Not only one of them, moreover to members of other groups U_U
1. A4 Paper (21cm X 29,7cm)
2. Portrait (NOT LANDSCAPE.. so all letters will be the same). What is portrait? Open http://www.google.com. type “what is portrait”, click on the results then READ.
3. For overseas SHCJ, You can send in digital files (so that you can send it too shcjindonesia@gmail.com
4. You must use PAPER to write the letter (not fabric, woods, steel, coal, etc etc). Type of paper: it’s up to you
5. Left at least 1 cm gap on the left side of the paper for binding
6. For letters which are decorated by hand, please take note for the decoration: don’t put thick decor items (such as: stick BRICKS to the letter) because the book will be hard to be closed.
7. Take note of our requirements in the letter:


1. Your private picture size 3×4 (free style, butterfly style, gangnam style, oppa-sunbae style) *
2. Real name + Twitter ID + ABOUT ME (tell about urself, max 2 lines) : type or write it yourselves
3. Your letter for Andy and Eric (you can put letter for andy at first page and eric at second page.. 1 piece of paper for them both)*


Little Note
We’ll gather little notes from you all and will be put together in several pages in the Birthday Book

1. Your lips stain in a white piece of paper (pick ur own color.. if you don’t have lipstick you can use crayon, chili sauce, or anything which can put color on ur lips)
2. Give a little note to Shinhwa (max 5 words, english or korean. use ur handwriting)
3. Give ur Twitter ID or your internet user name.
4. Scan and send to shcjindonesia@gmail.com


DEADLINE: 18 January 2013

More info, contact us at @SHCJ_Indo

via @shcj_indo


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