[News] Shin Hye Sung, successful year-end concert..”new year countdown” with fans

Singer Shin Hye Sung completed his year-end concert successfully the past 30th and 31st.

He held a year-end concert for 2 days at Seoul Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall and met with roughly 8000 fans.

Starting with his new song “It’ll Be Good If It Was You”, released last December, he sang many of his hit songs, such as “Stay”, “Come Back To Me” etc, with a sweet and gentle voice unique to him, and presented a special stage where he sang Girls Generation’s unit group TaTiSeo’s “Twinkle” and Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes”, heating up the atmosphere amongst the passionate screams from fans.

The concert on the 2nd day, 31st, Shin Hye Sung gave many fans a special start to a year as he looked back on 2012 and welcomed 2013 together with his dear fans while counting down.

Lee Min Woo made a special guest appearance, showing a surprise stage, and group Bohemian’s Park Sang Woo, who attracted attention with his imitation of Shin Hye Sung on tvN’s “SNL Korea”, also guested and sang “Doll” with Shin Hye Sung, receiving cheers from many fans.

This concert, which is his first solo concert in a year, sold out as soon as ticket sales opened last November, proving once again Shin Hye Sung’s “unchanging law of selling out tickets”, and becoming a hot issue.

Despite the subzero temperatures at the concert venue, in order to see Shin Hye Sung, the crowds flooded in from early in the morning, and inside the concert venue, Dreami wreaths, sent from not just domestic fans but fans from all over the world, made up of rice, coal, eggs, ramen, could be seen everywhere, attracting attention of many.

Shin Hye Sung said, “After last year, spending the last day of a year and the first day of a year with fans through a concert is something special and happy for me. In future, I’ll work hard to present good concerts that are meaningful like this so please show me love and concern.”

On another note, group Shinhwa, which Shin Hye Sung is part of, is expected to come back this March, with their debut 15th anniversary concert.

source: osen.mt.co.kr

cr: malpabo tumblr


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