[News] Group Shinhwa member Jun Jin New Year countdown at Xiamen, planning on opening Weibo

Korea’s top male group, that has been around for 14 years, Shinhwa’s member Jun Jin, appeared in Xiamen yesterday, and had a party together with China fans! On New Year’s Eve, as satellite channels throughout the country fight to grab viewership, Xiamen too has welcomed a superstar. Which caused Jun Jin fans to come together from Hainan, Szechuan, Shanghai etc, just so that they can welcome 2013 together with their idol!

Jun Jin planning on opening Weibo to have closer interactions with fans

Last night, Jun Jin appeared at the press conference at Xiamen’s Hong Tai Music Hall, and greeted fans present with simple Chinese. Choosing Xiamen for his first New Year countdown after his comeback, Jun Jin said it is thanks to the support of fans throughout China, that the event can be held. On his impression of Xiamen, “Because I took a night flight to Xiamen, so when I saw beautiful Xiamen in the night sky, I thought, this is a place similar to many places in Korea, it’s a economically-developed city.”

Korea’s Shinhwa group has debut for 14 years, and grew up together with many fans. The group once met with crisis, but has never announced their disbandment. Coming back again after 4 years, Jun Jin credits the group’s longevity to the trust amongst the members, as well as them complementing each other in terms of personality and work. Jun Jin said, “Even if there are conflicts amongst the members, it’ll be resolved very quickly, and we almost never get angry with each other.”

Many Korean artists, like Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Jun Ki, Park Shin Hye etc have opened their official Sina Weibo, and Jun Jin’s own Weiba and Hong Kong fan page also has a Sina verified Weibo. When being interviewed exclusively by Sina Xiamen, Jun Jin also expressed that he has plans to enter the world of Weibo. Jun Jin claims he might choose to have closer interactions with fans via Weibo in future.

Jun Jin once again expresses love for Zhao Wei and hopes to have more chances to perform in China

Regarding the China female artists that he likes, Jun Jin not only once expressed it was Zhao Wei. Because he once filmed “Cha Cha Love” MV together with Zhao Wei. This time in Xiamen, Jun Jin even revealed, when he was filming this MV, he already knew that Zhao Wei was a very famous star in China. Another reason for agreeing to film this MV was because, the CEO of the partnering company for this MV promised him that after filming the MV, Jun Jin will be able to get more chances to perform in China. Jun Jin still remembers this, and took this opportunity to smilingly ask, via Sina Xiamen, “CEO, where are the chances you promised? It’s time to honour your promise!”

Group Shinhwa will start producing their album in January, 2013, and will strive to have more chances to perform in Asia. Regarding the new year, Jun Jin said what he hopes for the most is that the members remain healthy and don’t fall sick anymore. We hope group Shinhwa will continue to repay their fans by showing a perfect performance in front of fans.

2013 Jun Jin Xia Men New Year countdown event was organised by Damai Fashion, and managed by Xiamen Tianhan Culture Media Company. The event started from 11pm on 31st December, 2012 and continued till 1am on 1st January, 2013. Apart from amazing dance and song performances by Jun Jin, he also had many interactions and games with fans present. After the event ended, Jun Jin even held a rare autograph session.

Source: mn.sina.com.cn

cr: malpabo tumblr


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