[News] Shin Hye Sung Concert

Fans from worldwide donated 1.72 tons rice wreath, 600 egg stands and 880 coal wreath through Shin Hye Sung concert held on 30th and 31st Dec concert. This meaningful support has continued for 6 years.

Message written on rice wreath ribbon by Shin Hye Sung fanclub “필교가 OK할때까지”

from left: 1. We are hear to countdown 2. We are not directed at oppa. 3. Jung Pil Gyo walks out from the monitor 4. Spend 130000 won to have a year end date with model boyfriend, please call #0199 Jung Pil Gyo.


source: bnt news + mbn news

cr: allaboutshinhwa


One thought on “[News] Shin Hye Sung Concert

  1. I have watch The Years Journey concert by Hye Sung Oppa, really have an enjoyable nite even though I just arrive from London and very tired. But most of the time I stay awake as the concert is very interesting and fun. Though I dont really understand very much on the conversation between Hye Sung oppa and the fans but I still find music are able to concured all the barriers… Hye Sung oppa fighting

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