[News] Shinhwa, the continuation of legend in 2013


“The promise made to gather together once again, now to keep the precious promise made with the fans.”

2012 marked the return of Shinhwa. The only active 1st generation idol group, with the members completing their military duties, Shinhwa once again gathered after 4 years hiatus. “The comeback of Oppars was moving forward like comet” This was a real joy for the 20s and 30s, who had spent their school days before and after the 2000 millennium.
2012 Shinhwa’s activities checklist

Shinhwa 14th anniversary concert “The Return” tickets were opened for sales on 13th February  A concert after 4 years hiatus, 20000 seats were all sold within 40 minutes, with ticket values more than 2 billion won. Interpark servers were down despite activating all of its servers due to the overwhelming number of ticket buyers. You can get a glimpse of how much the fans look forward to Shinhwa’s comeback.


But the long period of hiatus made the members worry. Shin Hye Sung expressed his uneasiness during the concert “Not sure if fans will fill up this spacious venue.” However, after seeing the entire venue filled with fans, Shin Hye Sung burst into tears. He said “Really touched. To be able to stand on stage once again and meet all of you, its really very fortunate.”

Shin Hye Sung mentioned in “Shinhwa Broadcast” “Fans have become more matured as compared to the past. But, I feel that this is very good. They have grown up during this period when they are waiting for us. This hiatus period was really long. But its really wonderful that they are back by our side. I will remember this concert for life.”

Shinhwa started out with Seoul Concert (24th 25th March) at Olympic Stadium, proceeding to Shanghai (30th April), Taiwan (12th May), Tokyo(29th, 30th May), Kobe(2nd June), Singapore(16th June (the article mentioned the date wrongly)), Guangzhou (30th June) and last stop Beijing (7th July), ending the 4 months Asia Tour. With this Asia Tour, Shinhwa once again makes history with 91000 audiences for the 10 concerts in the 8 cities.


On the other hand, Shinhwa 10th album that was released on 23th March sold its 30000 copies in just half a day when the presales started.  With the requests of fans, Shinhwa Company released “Thanks Edition”. According to Gaon charts, Shinhwa’s 10th album sold 77279 copies in the first half of the year, which is comparable to idols these days, proving that “its still Shinhwa”. But its a little unfortunate that “Venus” is ranked 58 on music charts.

Shinhwa started their 10th album activites through Mnet “Mcountdown” on 29th March. Shinhwa showed a charming dance stage even though they have passed 30. Rather than getting number 1 on music programs, the members look forward more to “being together” and have fun. Unfortunately, Shin Hye Sung could not perform on stage together. Shinhwa received their number 1 on “Mcountdown” on 19th April. “Number 1! Its you who have given us this! Thank you.” which afterwards, they disclosed their hiliarous gathering picture, drawing laughter. 4th May at “Music Bank” marked the goodbye stage for “Venus”


Shinhwa appeared on “Guerilla Date” “Radio Star” “Win Win” “Qualification of Men” etc, revealing the friendship among members and the interesting events that happened during this comeback activity which became a topic. However, afterall, Shinhwa’s biggest change in broadcast activities is from 17th March, which marked the beginning of “Shinhwa Broadcast” a variety program named after them. The wish of having their own variety program like Japan’s longest lasting idol group SMAP was fulfilled through JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast”. Although its regrettable that there are limitations for multi-series channel, but “Shinhwa Broadcast” had viewership of about 1% almost every week.

The members solo activities are also ongoing. Kim Dong Wan “Yeongasi” broadcasted on July had more tha 4500000 audiences, firming his actor’s will. His role as Kim Tae Pyung in “Cheer Up Mr Kim”, that started airing in November is also widely loved by audience. Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung met up with fans through their solo concerts.


◆ 2013 the legend continues

2012 had been a busy year for Shinhwa. Representive of Shinhwa frankly assess Shinhwa’s 2012 activities “Although there had been a 4 years hiatus, it has been a very thankful year for being able to received so much love. However, being the comeback of the  country’s longest lasting idol group after military service also added an advantage.”

He continued “Hence, both Shinhwa members and staff feel that next year will be more important. Although Shinhwa is chosen as the role model of many idols, there are still many attractive music and performance that Shinhwa can still show. We have been discussing everyday how to bring a more perfect stage in 2013 that will be more loved by audience.
Lastly, he said “It will be Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary next year. Shinhwa members have always made the promise of “please wait for us. we will definitely be back” with fans. In order to keep this promise, they have started planning for the preparation of 11th album. They will definitely meet up with fans next year March during the 15th anniversary.”

In the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, for idols to be able to be with fans for 14 years, even if its not Shinhwa fans, for people who likes the 1st generaton idols, Shinhwa carries the memories of the past. We can get never ending comfort from their active self. Even if its in the 30s, they continue to exist as Korea’s idol group, rewriting the history. With Shinhwa’s current pace, 2013 will be more anticipated.



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  3. “But its a little unfortunate that “Venus” is ranked 58 on music charts.”

    I’m sorry but I just had to comment on this. This is of course for the whole year ranking, not when the song was just released. Of course, there’s been a lot of songs released after Venus.

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