[Liveworks fb] Watching Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Concert DVD with better image and sound quality

Did all of you enjoy watching Shinhwa’s 14th Anniversary Concert DVD?
I watched it again during midnight at home. My chest will feel warm no matter how many times I had watched it ㅠㅠ

There will be difference with the image and sound quality when watching the dvd depending on your system.
Its best to use 5.1 channel surround sound system with a DVD player,
A home theatre system connected to a TV with an HDMI cable…

Perhaps its difficult for everyone to have a perfect viewing environment.
You might frequently protest even if you are equipped with the correct system as you are living in residential areas…
I was painstakingly adjusting the volume up and down yesterday morning.

Under the circumstances of not having 5.1 channel speaker, please change your initial setting to Stereo before watching.
If you did not change the settings, there might be noise.
And for better image quality, please use the player with the TV. Its best not to connect the TV with the red, yellow and white cable, but instead connect it using HDMI cable.
Though most of you may know this, I am writing these down just in case there are people who do not know.
So everyone, lets conclude this year pleasantly and enjoyably with Shinhwa…
Two more nights left till Hyesung’s concert^^


source: liveworks fb

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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