[News] Lee Min Woo Concert, fans donated rice stands, briquettes, eggs, ramen stands

Fans from Korea, China, Hongkong, Brunei, Russia, Ukraine etc donated a total of 650kg rice stands, 780 bags of briquettes(used for fuel), 300 egg stands, 80 ramen stands in support for Minwoo’s Christmas Live Concert Original held on 23rd and 24th December.

Rice stands and ramen stands will be given to the malnourished children and the needy. The 780 bags of briquettes, which is sufficient for a month’s supply for 7 needy household, will be given to the elderly people who are living alone. The egg stands will be given to the nationwide’s food bank to help elderly who are living alone, malnourished teenagers and underprivileged.

Shinhwa fans are the first to start the trend of giving rice stands during Shin Hye Sung’s solo concert in 11th August 2007. Within these 5 years, fans had given more than 210 rice stands, weighing 10.5 tonnes,  on various events such as Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary, Kim Dong Wan 2008 Showcase, Eric 2011 Fanmeeting, Andy 2011 military discharge, Kim Dong wan Hedwig musical etc, helping needy children and families.

In particular, Shinhwa Changjo have also donated more than 90 rice stands weighing 6 tonnes during Shinhwa’s comeback concert ‘The Return’, filling the entire stadium, surprising many. Shinhwa had also donated 8.67 tonnes of rice on 30th November to Salvation Army Charity Pot event.

Meanwhile, Lee Minwoo presented a gorgeous and brillant stage, bringing to everyone ‘Minnovation’ ‘Stomp’ ‘the M Style’ etc, which made the audience standing up right from the start of the concert. On the 23rd and 24th, JunJin and Hyesung came respectively to support Lee MinWoo, showing the friendship of Shinhwa.

Lee Minwoo showed a variety of charisma through the performances “Mirage” “AM 7:05” “Dont Trust Men” “Sweet Girl” “Wink Show” etc.  He appeared in a red suit and hat and danced closely with the female dancer, resulting in the jealousy of fans. Removal of his clothes during “Just one night” stage led to excited cheers from fans. He showed a new charisma through the remix stage of Christmas medley and “Stay” that was recorded in Shinhwa’s 10th album.

Lee MinWoo will be holding his fanmeet “2013 Lee MinWoo M Style Show in Taiwan” next year on the 25th January at Taipei International Convention Center TICC.

source: newswire

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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