[Minwoo Concert] Shin Briefing

1.You have to dress casually for M concert. Absolutely no high heels. Because (you) have to stand up and jump. (Hyesung, we dont jump like that. lol!). Its best if you wear sports shoes or barefoot.
2.Minwoo likes to say mushy words. You have to shout M kanji.
3.Minwoo’s saying: When M say “Your thoughts, my thoughts.” You say “The same.”
4.There will always be female dancers dancing closely with Minwoo etc in Minwoo’s concert . Everyone do not misunderstand. That is designed to give you wonderful show. Everyone just assume that you are the female dance partner. Be jealous only after the performance.
5.As everyone screams and dances, you will be able to lose 5kg within this 2 or 3 hours.

video credit: 지원 강

cr: allaboutshinhwa


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