[News] Shinhwa Lee Min Woo “From electronic to ‘harmony with the masses’…hint of change”

Next year will be Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary and Lee Min Woo’s solo 10th anniversary and he has hinted at a change in musical colours.

Recently, when meeting with reporters, he said, “As compared to cool and music like that of an idol star, I’ll intend to go towards music where I can be in close harmony to the general public and where it is beautiful within a big mould. For Shinhwa’s music, instead of sticking to trends, it too will be one that is something only Shinhwa can do and can further develop Shinhwa’s colours.”

He, who actually plays a pivotal role musically within Shinhwa, added, “As compared to competing with hoobae idols, I think it is right for Shinhwa to continue on Shinhwa’s path.”

It is predicted he’ll have musical changes in his solo works as well. In 2007, he gained attention for attempting the electronic dance genre ahead of times, but now, he is expected to attempt music where it can be listened to comfortably, and in harmony with the audience. Having always been said to be slightly ahead of the trends, it can be predicted that he will change the general trend of music genre in the musical industry next year.

He said, “For electronic, it seems like the peak has been hit with ‘Gangnam Style’. I’m thinking it’ll probably be hard to make something new anymore” adding, “I’m also thinking of coming out from working alone by myself, and instead, try working with various composers. As compared to cool songs, I’ll be pursuing songs where it’s witty and in harmony with the general public.”

Shinhwa will begin full-fledge work on their comeback after the year-end and is expected to have their official comeback around April. After Shinhwa’s promotions ends, Lee Min Woo is expected to immediately go into his solo 10th anniversary promotions. Lee Min Woo said, “Next year is even more important and I’ll be even more busy.”

Lee Min Woo recently held his “Original” solo concert after 4 years, at Seoul’s Yonsei University’s auditorium on the 23rd and 24th, where he worked with a band and showed his energy, having danced for 3 hours and singing 100% live.

source: osen

cr: rj1905 tumblr

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