[News] Lee Min Woo’s solo concert, sudden appearance by Jun Jin and Shin Hye Sung, “Christmas present”

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo proofed his popularity has not died.

Lee Min Woo held his solo concert M Lee Min Woo Christmas Live Concert “Original” on 23 and 24 December at Seoul’s Yonsei University auditorium and spent a heated time with fans.

This concert is one that is held about 2 years 10 months after his final concert in 2010, before he entered the army. Despite subzero temperatures, many fans flocked down to see Lee Min Woo.

On this day, for the fans who loved, supported and waited for him without fail, Lee Min Woo showed a stage that was powerful and splendid. He received cheers through “M style” songs unique to only Lee Min Woo, like “Minnovation”, “The M Style”, “Don’t Trust Men” etc and Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which received massive popularity worldwide this year.

Shinhwa member Jun Jin and Shin Hye Sung also came to the concert venue in support. They went up on stage as special guests, giving fans a special Christmas present.

Also many fans laughed while watching Lee Min Woo’s parody performance of Fire Engine’s “Last Night’s Story” with the managers.

Lee Min Woo expressed his thanks to the fans who came by saying, “I wanted to give fans a special Christmas present on Christmas Eve, but surprisingly, it feels like I’ve received a present. It’s the 10th anniversary of M’s solo debut next year. I’ll make a lot of time where I can be together with everyone,” adding “also, as Shinhwa will be releasing a new album too, please look forward to it.”

Lee Min Woo will next be having his solo fan meeting, “2013 Lee Min Woo M style Show in Taiwan”, on 25th January at Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan.


source: newsen

cr: rj1905 tumblr


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