[News] 100% live + 3 hours of dance..possible because he is Lee Min Woo

14 year popular group Shinhwa’s member, 9 years as a producer cum solo artist, Lee Min Woo is indeed different.

In the past 23rd and 24th, at his solo concert “Original” held in Seoul’s Yonsei University’s auditorium, without MR, and in harmony with a band, he sang and danced for the whole of 3 hours, and heated up the 4000 odd fans present.

It’s a precedent for a dance singer to be singing 22 songs 100% live for 3 hours, with almost no break in between. He, who has liked performing at a concert with a band since long ago, re-arranged all his songs in accordance to the concert venue, and made his own setlist, making his solo concert in 4 years jam-packed.

During the concert, colours changed depending on the genre, and it proofed that even within exactly similar dances, a wide variety of performances can be put up. He, who has released up to his 4.5th album up till now, filled up the setlist with almost 90% of his self-composed songs, and included genres such as rock, electronic, swing, modern rock, medium tempo etc.

The concert, which started with his 4.5th album title song “Minnovation”, continued with “The M Style” etc, heating up the stage, then moved to medium tempo songs like “Don’t Trust Men” etc, before changing into swing with “Wink Show”. After a sweet carol medley, when he appeared doing covers of Fire Engine’s “Last Night’s Story”, and Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which he changed into “M Style”, the atmosphere of the audience reached a high point. Shin Hye Sung, who was supporting him amongst the audience, also went up on stage and danced the horse dance in excitement.

The harmony and passion of the 14 year fans were also amazing. At all the points that Lee Min Woo wanted, they sang along precisely with the lyrics, and stood for 3 hours while shaking their bodies, showing off their stamina. Even though the concert ended with “Bump”, which had been modified with a new feeling, the shouts for an encore never stopped, and Lee Min Woo, who didn’t let the atmosphere just a while back drop down, held an encore performance for about 40 minutes.

Lee Min Woo, who is in the midst of preparing for Shinhwa’s comeback album and his own 10th anniversary album next year, showed his change musically through this concert. He decreased on the electronic sound, and instead of cool dance music, focused on music where he can be in harmony with the audience. He also showed a desire to release “hit songs” that are fun and come towards you with a sense of familiarity, as opposed to songs for the masses. Revealing that he will work with new composers and challenge new music.

As he ended the concert, he said, “I wanted to present a special Christmas present for all the fans on this Christmas Eve, but surprisingly, it feels like I’ve received a present. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of M’s solo debut. This time I won’t be making the album alone, working with new composers, I’ll be preparing a lot of songs that can receive a lot of love. So, please look forward to my 2nd peak.

source: osen

cr: rj1905 tumblr

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