January 2013 Men’s Health (Min Woo)

M Lee Min Woo’s 2nd flight

The true side of celebrities, who seem to be perfect every moment, is surprisingly plain. 1st generation idol “Shinhwa” too, wore magnificent suits to go along with their title song “Venus”, and returned as an even more matured Shinhwa, but in reality program “Shinhwa Broadcast”, they just seem as familiar and plain as the hyung or younger brother next door. But amongst them, Lee Min Woo, who shines uniquely, can be seen. To the extent that current models pick Lee Min Woo as the member with the best fashion sense when asked to grade Shinhwa members’ everyday style. Not just that, his enthusiasm, where he carefully checked all the styling before this photo shoot, cannot be forgotten. “During Shinhwa’s comeback, I nagged at the members everyday. ‘Don’t grow a mustache’, ‘Let’s get skincare treatment’, ‘Let’s lose some weight.” Of course I hoped to show that Shinhwa was still in top shape and could comeback with a handsome image.” Perhaps it is thanks to that, despite the long break and various worries, in 2012, Shinhwa was able to stand tall again.

He spent a busy time as a member of Shinhwa for more than a year, and recently is busy focusing on solo M Lee Min Woo. “2012 is the 9th anniversary of my debut as M. Because I haven’t been able to do anything for the fans during this time, so I planned for a year-end concert. I am also planning for a new M’s 10th anniversary album in the second half of 2013.”

Lee Min Woo, who says that he is able to work hard on solo promotions because Shinhwa feels like ‘home’, emphasized on the trust of the Shinhwa members, who are united through their brotherly love. “Producing Shinhwa’s albums and creating the stages, even though I’m in-charge of it, it’s only possible because the members trust me and follow along.”

Perhaps it is because of Lee Min Woo, who is clever when it comes to styling, thats why it’s possible for Shinhwa to look smarter than before when dressed in suits and dancing in-sync, like veterans. We look forward to M Lee Min Woo’s comeback with a style that overflows with energy.


cr: rj1905 tumblr


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