EBS FM Lee Ji Hoon’s Essay Concert excerpt

Lee Ji Hoon: It seems like even then (when he auditioned for SM), you liked ballads too?

Shin Hye Sung: Yes, it seems so. As compared to fast songs, or dance songs, or hip hop music, I liked ballads more.

Lee Ji Hoon: But the company said they were going to form a dance group…

Shin Hye Sung: That’s why it was really difficult. After I was selected and we started practicing, I only learned dancing, initially.

Lee Ji Hoon: Honestly, you can’t dance right?

Shin Hye Sung: Totally can’t. Even during my audition, they asked me to dance. Actually, usually when people go for auditions, in order to be selected, they have to try their best. For me, at that time…because I went there by chance, so it wasn’t like I was really hoping they’d pick me. So, I sang, and they asked me to dance. But because I can’t dance, so I kept saying “I can’t dance”, “I won’t do it”. At an audition. But they kept asking, so I remember, I danced H.O.T’s “Candy”. I just moved my body. Now I think of it, its a mystery why they picked me.

cr: rj1905 tumblr


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