[News] “Solo debut 10 years”, how is 2013 like for Shinhwa Lee Min Woo?

“During the break I couldn’t hold a mic properly, so when I held a mic during Shinhwa’s comeback concert, it was really emotional. This time round, because I’m holding the mic as “M” for the first time in 3 years, so it feels different too. Of course, it’s interesting when 6 members of Shinhwa stand on stage, but there is obviously a different charisma to the colour of Lee Min Woo as a “solo” and not ‘Shinhwa’”.

M Lee Min Woo, who is holding a solo concert in about 3 years. Having had a hectic time with Shinhwa’s album release in March, 2012 and even an Asia tour, I asked him about 2013. He, who revealed “immediately, from January onwards, we’ll be discussing about Shinhwa’s album and I’ll also be busy with producing it”, will be busy with Shinhwa’s Asia Tour in the first half of the year, and will be releasing his solo album and plans on having his 10th anniversary solo concert in the second half of the year.

I met him at a studio in Ilsan, Kyeonggi-do, on the afternoon of the 20th, where he said “after becoming a singer, I look forward to the act of releasing an album itself, and feel happy”, adding “music has changed me, and through music, I’ve discovered yet another side of me. As compared to confidence, I feel more of the satisfaction of thinking ‘I’ve really lived interestingly’”

“Especially because it’s the 10th year of my solo debut next year. It’s meaningful. In line with that, I’m thinking that good results will appear if I made music while enjoying and having fun. As compared to thinking about the result, I’d like to work while enjoying. It’s also possible it’ll be very different from my past music style.

While making music, I’ve been very stressed. As Seo Tai Ji, who I’m a fan of, once said, ‘creation is pain’. Even though I’ll work hard, I do not want to be over-ambitious. I do not want my musical colours or my opinions to be overly-reflected. I’m also thinking of collaborating with people who are better than me. I’d like to release an album like a “departmental store” where everyone can enjoy themselves in a place.

He, who says he is “working hard to enjoy his work while showing more than what he can do”, added that he hopes his hoobaes can gain strength from seeing them active as Shinhwa and with their respective solo promotions. Lee Min Woo, who drew the line by saying “It’s not a competition with the idols now, it’s an obviously different genre”, said, “I’d like to be a sunbae who can give them energy. While taking care of my health, I’d work hard towards releasing good albums, and performances that don’t lose to them”, reaffirming his New Year resolutions.

source: ohmystar

cr: rj1905


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