1. M [ORIGINAL] Lightstick (LED COLOR : orange)  11,000won

2. M [ORIGINAL] Bromide Set (Its something like laminated photos, bigger than postcards) (1 holder + 5 Bromide/Set)  12,000won

3. M [ORIGINAL] Towel (SIZE : 1,050mm X220mm)  12,000won

4. M [ORIGINAL] Hotpack& Band (SIZE : HotPack110mm X 80mm / Band 210mm X10mm)  6,000won

5. M [ORIGINAL] Hoodie (COLOR :BLACK / SIZE :Adult FREE)  55,000won

6. M [ORIGINAL] SECRET GOODS (Sold at the concert venue)  3,000won

Sales at concert venue
1. Venue sales: Yonsei Auditorium
2. Sales Timing: 23rd Dec 2012 2pm to 5pm ; 24th Dec 2012 3pm to 7pm
3. Only cash allowed
4. Quantity limit of a product per person is 5
5. No bags will be given, please prepare your own.
6. There might be changes to the venue and time.

Liveworks Shop(www.lworks.co.kr/shop)
1. Sales time: 23rd Dec 11am till goods sold.
2. Delivery: 24th Dec 2012 onwards (There might be delay in shipping due to Christmas and New Year delivery volume.)
3. Credit Card, real time bank transfer, virtual account payment are possible. Overseas shipping available.

source: @liveworkscp

cr:  allaboutshinhwa


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