[Liveworks Tweets] Dongwan and Hyesung

[ShinHyeSung] 신혜성 Schedule update ▶12/20 [ON AIR] m.net  MCountdown[18:00] *Broadcast participation guidlines will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

[ShinHyeSung] 20th December (Thursday) M Countdown, Shin Hye Sung “It would be nice if it were you” stage is scheduled to be pre-recorded, will notify once the participation guidlines as soon as the pre-recording timing is confirmed.

[KimDongWan] “Cheer Up Mr Kim – Kim Dong Wan” is nominated for 2012 KBS Drama Awards!  –> http://t.co/3ZcJrdry

[ShinHyeSung] 신혜성 WINTER BLOG! update! 2012-2013 SHIN HYE SUNG CONCERT “THE YEAR’S JOURNEY” Shin Hye Sung Band practice room making video

cr: @liveworkscp + allaboutshinhwa


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