[News] [Star of the Week] Shinhwa

Shinhwa literally means the legend – and this first generation idol group is pretty much the only one to live up to its illustrious name.

As the oldest idol group in Korea (the members have stayed together for nearly 15 years), Shinhwa has earned enough respect in the industry to do pretty much whatever they want.

 Of course, the bulk of Shinhwa′s activities come from the members′ solo ventures – Lee Min Woo, as ′M′, still holds solo concerts, as does lead vocalist Shin Hye Sung, who recently made his comeback, while Eric and Kim Dong Wan have impressive acting careers and Andy and Jun Jin are currently passing along their wealths of knowledge to junior groups.

Which means the members might not get together on stage and dance in flashy costumes all that much, but when they do, even if the dance moves are a little less sharp and the jokes about sore muscles are tinged with reality, the fans will come a-screaming anyway.

And lately, the group has proven that, while they may be the original idols, there′s no need to be the mysterious ′gods′ to keep the fans interested. In fact, their no holds barred antics on Shinhwa Broadcast have earned them even more fans, if possible.

So in light of Shin Hye Sung′s comeback, and Shinhwa′s overall legendary status – we had to name them Star of the Week


via enewsworld


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