[News] [Star of the Week] Best Shinhwa Variety Moments of 2012

Already ranked as gods in the variety world, Shinhwa is definitely one of the most entertaining idol groups in the industry with each member being quirky in their own style.


For 14 years, the group has been shedding their idol boy (men?) image, unafraid of appearing like idiots before its fans and its viewers, even setting the path for future variety-dols to come. Shinhwa even had the chance to create its own variety show.

As it’s nearly impossible to track down 14 years worth of variety moments since there are too many to count, we’ve chosen to look back on 2012 and find the times when Shinhwa shined the most in the variety world.

Farting Exercise

A prime example of how the Shinhwa members no longer care about keeping a squeaky clean image, on jTBC’sShinhwa Broadcast, Lee Min Woo brought up an interesting exercise (?) that helps him fart.

Of course, when one member starts, the others quickly follow (minus Shin Hye Sung, who was hilariously disgusted by his fellow members) and soon they were all doing it and farting in front of the cameras.

We’re pretty sure a lot of the viewers tried it out as well.

Face Ruining Game


Undoubtedly the moment when the Shinhwa members let go of everything, the ‘Face Ruining’ game during Shinhwa Broadcast’s ‘Unusual Olympics’ marked the event when Shinhwa went where no idol has gone before.

The Shinhwa members – all six of them, all over 30 – peered uncomfortably close to the camera lenses and put on the weirdest faces they could, knowing that whatever expression they put on would forever be captured and passed around on the world wide web.

After revealing their ruined faces, the members had an easy time adjusting back to the variety world after a four-year hiatus.

The only thing we regret is that we can’t include the entire face ruining footage for time’s sake.

Eric Goes Drag

The beginning of Eric’s new transformation (?), the leader showed the other members and his juniors how it should be done.

During the Shinhwa VS Super Junior episode, where the two variety-dol groups had a dance-off, Eric took the task a step forward, completely dropping his charismatic image and showing off his 4D-ness.

No one told him he had to do it, but Eric volunteered to go drag and appear as a beautiful belly dancer with a round belly, making the Super Junior members raise their hands in surrender.

It wouldn’t be his last time, as Eric transformed into Etilda in a later episode.

Shinhwa Dances SHINee

With 14 years of experience under their belts, it’s a cinch to dance to their junior’s songs, right?


When SHINee came to visit its senior, the members taught the veteran group how to dance to Sherlock. The Shinhwa members listened attentively, saying they’re so good even Sherlock’s difficult choreography is nothing.

The music starts and all chaos breaks loose.

Shinhwa’s Trademark Dances

A nice change from all the Shinhwa Broadcast moments, but this one isn’t necessarily the funniest.

However, it is one we would like to include, since it basically packs many years of Shinhwa into a five-minute video.

The dance initiation from KBS’ Win Win covered Lee Min Woo’s impressive dancing, Jun Jin’s Pop n’ Lock, Kim Dong Wan’s awkwardness, Andy’s Heart Dance, Eric’s Samba, and most famous of them all, Shin Hye Sung’s Crab and Fighting Dance.

There are so many other amazing moments from 2012 alone that Shinhwa gave us to create laughter.

What are some of your favorite Shinhwa variety moments?

Photo Credit: jTBC

via enewsworld


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