[Song Review] Shin Hye Sung′s ′It′d Be Nice If It Were You′ Serves as One Line in a Wintery Poem

Make a song that feels like winter without ever mentioning the words ′snow′ or ′winter′ in the lyrics and without using any jingle bells.

Sound like a challenge? Well, Shin Hye Sung proves it can be done with his new single, It′d Be Nice If It Were You, which was released with his solo album Winter Poetry on December 4.

Just listening to this modern rock piece will make you think about ice, snow and bursting Christmas colors and lights, but not once do the lyrics or the melody touch directly on anything related to winter.

The mood of the song, emphasized by the guitars, piano, synthesizers and Shin Hye Sung′s characteristic voice, is all it has to bring about the winter feel.

This mesmerizing mixture is brought to life thanks to the tight teamwork between Shin Hye Sung and Mate′s Lim Heon Il. Mate is an indie band known for its moody rock tracks, and some of that flavor seems to have again successfully rubbed off on the balladeer, following Shin Hye Sung′s previous winter modern rock album, embrace.

The song is also only one of several of its kind, as it fits perfectly into Winter Poetry like a puzzle piece, helping the entire album flow. Whether it′s a ballad, signature to Shin Hye Sung’s musical style, an acoustic track or a rock piece, all of the songs seem to sway in the same direction.

From the sounds of crunching snow in the intro track Winter to Shin Hye Sung′s low, soothing hums in the outro Memories of Last Summer, every track and every sound come together to write a poem that speaks of the shining calm after a blizzard. It also means that you′ll be missing out on the entire winter experience if you just concentrate on only one piece.

Shin Hye Sung once said in an interview, “I remember when I was little, after I bought an album I would gladly listen to all of the tracks from start to finish.” It′d Be Nice If It Were You and Winter Poetry definitely bring back the definition of such ′albums′ and make us glad that there are some things that will never change.


via enewsworld


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