[Notice] Prohibition of production and sale of illegal products of Shinhwa


This is Shinhwa Company.

It was brought to our attention recently that Shinhwa items are being sold illegally by unauthorized sellers.

Whether it is personal on/off line dealer, fansites, cafes, etc. production and distribution of of pictures of Shinhwa (photos, logos, etc.) without photo-rights or rights of publicity is illegal.

Shinhwa Company is not officially associated with any of these illegal content that is being use for commercial purposes and it is illegal and prohibited by law.

If anyone is producing any content for commercial purposes to be sold on on/off line sites, fansites, cafes, etc., please refrain to do so. We will be taking legal action for future production and distribution of illegal goods.

Also to all fans please be careful not to purchase goods illegally produced .

In addition, for information on production and sale of Shinhwa goods please contact us at (shinhwacompany@gmail.com).

Thank You.


*Liveworks has an exactly same notice and asking to contact lworks@lworks.co.kr*


cr: @shinhwacompany + allaboutshinhwa


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