[News] Shin Hye Sung “Sent signs to my girlfriend during broadcasts previously”


Shin Hye Sung confessed that he used to send signs that only the two of them would understand during broadcasts.

Shin Hye Sung was asked during MBC radio “Shimshimtapa” “Have you secretly send signs that only you and your girlfriend would understand during broadcasts.”

Shin Hye Sung replied “Did it when I was young. Sent before signs during radio broadcast, though I couldnt remember what I exactly did.”

Shin Hye Sung also confessed “After going through several breakups, I changed from a bad guy to a good guy.””I did not give many expensive gifts in order not to burden my girlfriend.””I do not seem to be able to completely understand why would a girlfriend meet up with someone of the opposite sex.

cr: newsen + allaboutshinhwa


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