[Video] 121213 Shin Hyesung’s Comeback Interview – Bonus Cut

‘Cheer up, Mr. Kim!’ is a drama that is receiving so much love from people, and our Dongwan-sshi is working hard shooting it, but every time I see him, I feel sorry because Dongwan-sshi is having a difficult time lately…(the captions say ‘worried’ ‘worried’) He can hardly rest… maybe just one day a week? But on that day we have filming for the show we do altogether..so he’s almost becoming a skeleton lately. That’s how hard he is working, but (Dongwan-sshi) be strong! I will be very thankful if many people tune into our Mr. Kim drama-Cheer up Mr. Kim drama. ‘Cheer up, Mr. Kim!’ fighting!

Credits: Kim Dongwan Tumblr


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