[News] Shin Hye Sung ‘Good albums and good concert, apart from that, I have no other desires


It was during 2005, when I was working on “Same Thoughts”. Because it was my first solo album’s title song, so even if I couldn’t be the composer, no matter what I wanted to be the lyricist. Park Chang Hyun made the song but because I said I’ll try writing the lyrics, so it turned out to be both of us writing and picking the better one. But honestly, at that time, even if Chang Hyun-hyung’s lyrics was good, because I wanted to use my lyrics, so I re-wrote it 3, 4 times. It was just me being greedy (laughs). From anyone’s point of view, it was better if the composer wrote the lyrics but because I wanted to show that I could do it too, so while I was very stressed over it, the lyrics went in a weird direction so I suffered for quite a while. In the end, with the lyrics Chang Hyun-hyung wrote as the base, I modified it a little and it became lyrics written by both of us but looking back on it, it was an immature way of thinking.

Heon Il has a sensitive and quiet personality but somehow has a charisma. He is 4 years younger than me but while saying “Ah, yes. Ok…” as if he is listening, he will say “But…” and start explaining his own opinion. Then, in the end, I will say “Ah…that seems correct” and we’ll return to the starting point, and even though it sort of seems like he is stopping me (laughs) basically, because this (Winter Poetry) is an album where I trust the producer and follow his direction, so we gathered as much opinions as possible.

Apart from (Son) Ho Young, most of the other guests are my hoobaes, and I’m not the type to be well-connected so it (appearing in Immortal Song 2) was very unfamiliar and pressurizing. Thankfully, (Jun) Jinnie brought coffee and came to support me, and, apart from it being my first broadcast, it felt like I crossed a tall mountain so I feel relieved.

Because my goal isn’t to be a singer that people will recognize wherever I go, so, while I do have to be loved by the public to be able to continuously release albums, I don’t have dreams of becoming a big hit like Psy-hyung and going around the world. However, it is not that I’m confident to the extent where “it’s fine even if I don’t appear on programs”, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to be meaningful to be promoting robotically on a fixed activities. I just want to work hard freely to the extent where if I release albums or have a concert, there’ll be people listening and coming.

I’m always 1st place in my list (for Anipang). 2nd place often changes, right now it’s Andy. (laughs) I’ve always liked games but recently I seem to play them more often. If I’m at home, surprisingly, I tend to watch movies more and I recall what my agency’s CEO said a few years ago, that “for Hye Sung, if CCTV was installed in a home-like place, it’ll really be boring if the footage was watched in future”. I don’t purposely live a boring life but because I’m not the type to be attracted to something so from other’s point of view, my life is really boring. Even though I once really often went cycling when the weather was good, but because everyone does that too, so not too long ago, during my company’s camp, I got a Brownie doll that was bought as a prop. I can’t raise a real puppy because I’m allergic to dogs. (laughs)

Initially, I had nothing to do if not for being a singer. While studying in America, I unexpectedly passed an audition and came to Korea, but actually, it wasn’t because my family was rich and so they sent me and my brother overseas to study. Even though the other international students could spend freely and had cars, money was really tight for us and it was really tough on my parents to support us. Then I suddenly returned to Korea and said that I’ll be becoming a singer, my parents probably felt it was absurd, and for me, if I didn’t see this to the end, I’d be stuck with nothing to do. I didn’t start out with dreams of becoming a singer so I started without knowing anything, while being able to sing a little, but as I wasn’t born with “talent” so, when I was a rookie, it was very awkward and nerve-wrecking to face the camera. Occasionally when I went on programs alone without the members and was trembling, I would think “It’s not like I’m someone who wanted to be a singer, why do I have to be suffering here?”. But as those times gradually added up, I started thinking that this is my path, and while having solo activities, I’m even more sure of that. That’s why, in future, no matter what activities I have, what would not change is, living a singer that produces an album where all the songs are worth listening to and holding concerts where those songs are heard live. Good albums and good concert, apart from that, I have no other desires.

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