Snippets of Hyesung on Mnet Wide

Hyesung had to compete with Moon Hee Jun to see who has the quickest reply from the members during Mnet Wide. They had to text “Thanks for 2012, love you”


Hyesung texted all 5 members and got replies from Eric and JunJin.

Eric replied and Hyesung said “Ah, can I say it during the broadcast?”


Eric replied: “Whats this? So sudden. Crazy!”


Baby Bird – Just missed you.
Baby Bird – ㅋ
Mama Bird – Dying these few days because of flu ~
Baby Bird – Oh dearㅋㅋ

Mama Bird – Thanks for 2012, love you
Baby Bird – Whatㅎㅎ
Baby Bird – Have you been drinking?! ㅋㅋ♡♡

Moon Hee Jun said every time he went to see Kangta, he would see Hyesung beside Kangta. He was very curious how come they were so close. Hyesung started explaining cos they are friends, just like how he (Moon Hee Jun) and Minwoo are very close. Moon Hee Jun went hmmm and suddenly said “Are you two dating?”
Kangta revealed that Hyesung’s buttocks are of different sizes. Moon Hee Jun said is the difference as big as A cup and B cup? Kangta said “About there. Often see it during jjimjilbang”

cr: 我爱伽菲 + 我是快乐的求勾搭君 + steve-mun and 文美人一统天下 + sixsense + allaboutshinhwa


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